The Pueo





Designed in Hawaii and made in Australia, the Pueo is Kamanu Composites’ newest and most advanced one-person outrigger canoe (OC-1) design.


Beam Over All: 16″ (4.88 metres) Length Over All: 20′ 10″ (6.35 metres) Hull Weight: 10-11 kgs Ama Weight: 2 kgs Aluminum Iakos Custom Foam Seat Rear Bungee Storage Low Drag Surfing Rudder or Swept Weed Rudder

A short history

The Pueo is the next generation of canoe following John Puakea’s successful Kaimana and Kainalu. The Pueo is a descendent of the Kaimana and Kainalu, combining the best characteristics of both canoes resulting in a high performance craft that excels in all conditions.


John Puakea’s Kaimana is a known performer in mild conditions. The canoe was originally designed on the computer and cut on a five-axis CNC router. The Kaimana hull shape has innovations like a plumb bow and a round hull cross section, which work together to give the canoe its flat-water efficiency. Reserve volume in the bow also prevents the canoe from pearling in steeper troughs. The result is a canoe that is still extremely fast and still consistently the top performing canoe in California. The Kainalu, built upon these innovations, was modified from the Kaimana in order to adapt the canoe to Hawai’i's rough water conditions.


The Kainalu has a slight reduction in volume, a more pronounced rocker and a forward adjusted cockpit from the Kaimana, all of which combine to give the canoe more maneuverability and control in the surf. After several successful seasons of the Kainalu, John Puakea and the design team at Kamanu Composites saw opportunities to improve the canoe’s performance. With the goal of creating a canoe that performs well in all conditions, John Puakea set out to shape Kamanu Composites’ next generation canoe.


The Pueo is the result: a narrow, round, high performing hull shape in flat water; with reserve buoyancy and adequate rocker for taking on the biggest of conditions. From the Kainalu, rocker was smoothed out aft of the cockpit creating a slightly longer waterline. The beam above the waterline was increased two inches for extensive reserve volume around the seating area. This created room for higher rails along the cockpit creating a more comfortable and secure setup for the paddler.


Beyond these major changes, a number of cosmetic and functional improvements were made. The iako’s were shifted two inches forward, allowing extra long reach when trying to get onto a bump. Dual foot-well drains were added for a drier cockpit. The fore and aft deck were streamlined for function, style, and ease of construction. Finally, a new ama was developed to complement the newly designed hull.

Pueo Ama

The Pueo Ama was designed to match the boat in its all around performance. The Pueo Ama’s development and use of Computer Aided Design resulted in an extremely streamlined ama, whether it’s just skimming the surface or fully submerged underwater. The Pueo ama keeps you stable and will never hold you back from catching a bump.

More Pueo

The Pueo is the most dominate OC-1 ever!! The best way anyone has ever described the Pueo by saying it’s the best “BALANCED” outrigger canoe they have ever used – “The ultimate all round canoe.”

The Pueo has enough rocker and reserve buoyancy to surf with the best , yet somehow is also one of the fastest flat water OC-1′s in the world.

Design of the canoe’s ama and rudder system have been computer aided, which is the main secret to its success and top end speed. The reason it’s so fast and feels so good, is that it produces the least amount of drag at race pace then any other OC1. You can maintain your top end speed or drop into a bump easier then on any other craft.

It’s a simple idea but something that’s very hard to actually achieve… yet we have.

At Kamanu Composites, we honestly believe that the Pueo is the best canoe on the market.

But don’t take our word for it. Do your own research, check race results, or call us for a demo and make up your own mind.

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Our canoes are designed in Hawaii and made in Australia